This is a huge one for PineappleProds. 

After a very long off season spent grinding hard, our crew is utterly proud to announce American Pro team Seattle Uprising as the first out of many sponsored teams. To understand how this deal came to be, we have to go back to last September, in Paris, France.

The last, and biggest event of the European Paintball circuit, the Millenium World Cup, brought many of the Uprising players to the French town for this event. This is where it all began. Without this event and the encounters we've made there, this would have never happened.

First and foremost, the Ice-Breaker. The whole PineappleProds crew will be forever grateful to Montreal Image player Simon Dorvil. Having played in California with some of the Uprising guys, he opened the door to this deal, but not in the most formal of ways. 

Here's how it went down:

Simon knew mainly Nate Schroeder, Graham Arnold and Alex Borromeo, whom he had played and practiced with many time in the past.

When they met at the event venue, Nate told Simon about Uprising's plans to head to Downtown Paris for a night after the event, before flying out to Barcelona, Spain to travel for a few days and relax after a hard and stressful tournament. They asked Simon to join them, as they hadn't hung out together in a while. Simon was stoked and really excited about the idea, but there was a little problem. 

Simon had a meeting setup in Milan, Italy for after the event, and so with PineappleProds' owner, Camil Touil. That's where things became interesting.


Being the energetic and positive guys that they are, Nate and the Uprising crew saw that as a small detail to settle.

And so with that mindset, the guys went to look out for Camil, where they entered an event-long quest to convince Camil to also head down to Paris and Barcelona, and to have the meeting in Spain rather than in Italy.


It took until Sunday to convince him, but Camil finally agreed on heading down to Downtown Paris and Barcelona with Simon and Uprising.


Heading down to Paris was the easy part, as they simply grabbed a train and met up with the guys at a bar nearby their Hotel. That's when Camil got to properly meet Nate, Graham and Alex (Borromeo) for the first time. From there, they spent the evening hanging out in Paris, eating crêpes and speaking broken French to strangers on the street, and so until the next morning, when the flight to Barcelona was set to leave.

There was still a last hiccup though. Neither Simon, nor Camil had flights for Barcelona booked, as it was a very last minute decision. They headed down to each airline, but unfortunately, all the Paris-Barcelona flights ended up being full for the day and the following day.

This forced Simon and Camil to grab a flight back to Italy instead, as they had previously planned, and to skip an awesome Spanish adventure.


Nonetheless, the ice being broken and relationships having been created, Camil stayed in touch with the Uprising crew during the off-season, and both parties settled on an agreement, which would make today's announcement. American Pro Team Seattle Uprising becomes PineappleProds' main sponsored team, and the crew will be working with PineappleProds on many video projects during the whole of 2016.


We're glad to finally be able to say it: Welcome to the family boys!