PineappleProds x R&M Headwear

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The Green & Gold Double Striped Head wrap

R&M started with two buddies, Ryan and Marko. Both paintball players, both Canadians. They started producing the headbands a few years ago, at home. Today, the double-striped head wraps are still being produced in the same city in Canada. The brand has since then grown a lot, and many known faces have been seen wearing R&M headwear all over the world, including Zach Patient from the professional team L.A Infamous and Brandon Rabackoff from Montreal Image and DC Devastation.


The iconic head wraps made by R&M have been seen in many videos from PineappleProds. R&M has worked in collaboration with Pineapple for many videos, such as the How to wear headgear tutorial; But the brand's double-striped head wraps have also appeared in a few videos from Paintball Videography legend Sina Azmoudeh and others, as well as having been spotted in famous magazine Facefull.


In 2015, a lot of the players on Montreal Image, PineappleProds' main sponsored team at the time, started wearing R&M head wraps.  Thus, many R&M headwraps have been seen in PineappleProds videos during the past season, which led to Pineapple making a few advertisements for R&M.

From all of this came this creation from Ryan, one of the two founders of R&M: The Green & Gold Double Striped Head wrap. It was originally made as a gift from R&M to PineappleProds' owner Camil, to thank him for the videos made and to show appreciation for the collaboration between both brands.

Seeing how good the final result ended up looking, Camil suggested Ryan to make a few available to the public, from where both agreed on producing 25 of those head wraps.