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Pineapple Army 1 of 30 Limited Edition Long Sleeve


After the incredible success of the Grahamouflage LE Long Sleeve that we dropped at the beginning of 2016, we decided to go big and to drop a full Tiger Stripe Collection right in time for World Cup, featuring a tank top, 2 t-shirts and 3 Long Sleeve designs.

Most of the collection has been dropped as a General Release, meaning basically that there is an unlimited inventory of those, and that we will keep producing them as long as people want to get their hands on them. This applies to all but two pieces of our World Cup Collection. These are our Tiger Stripe Tanktop, which has been dropped as a Limited Release, and this piece. 

The Pineapple Army design was one amongst many that we considered using for this year's collections, but despite it being a nearly flawless design graphically speaking, it somehow never ended up on any of our models. That is why we decided to work some extra hours and to produce a Limited Release of 30 pieces of the Pineapple Army Long Sleeve, bringing our classic Grahamouflage together with one of our favorite designs.


Please note that only 30 of these will be printed, so some sizes might not be available or available only in very limited amounts. Available sizes M through XXL. Ships Worldwide. 

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