At PineappleProds, we aim at bringing some of the best visual content and advertising in the industry. This implies that we make a lot of videos, all the time, and that we constantly need athletes to shoot with. This is a unique opportunity for teams and players to get their share of exposure and to build their brand through various video and photo features, on top of getting preferential pricing on their PineappleProds clothing package, and to get many advantages and discounts from our partners (such as Swift Paintball and Facefull), all while supporting us by wearing some pieces from our clothing collections, contributing to some of our videos and buying one of our 3 packages. Getting in agreements like these with teams allows us to be and to remain one of the media companies that attend the most events and that produce the most video content, all while giving tremendous amounts of exposure to teams whose talent and potential we believe in the most. Think of teams such as Montreal Image or Toronto Distortion, who have had our support for months, if not years and that have won multiple titles,all recorded on our cameras.


Find all the details about our sponsorship program for 2017 below :


Please note that the prices indicated on our sponsorship poster below are in USD. Also, please note that the  "Value per Player" is counted by adding the retail value of all the items (tees, hoodies etc...) and goodies to what is estimated to be given to each player in video & photo features at its current value (as of January 15, 2017). 


Every team that applies for the PineappleProds Sponsorship program will be asked for a team portfolio, which includes a full roster with age, experience and any other relevant information of each player, a list of leagues/events that the team plays will play in 2016, a list of your sponsors (if you already have some), a little bit of history and context about the team, your goals and ambitions for the 2016 season and any other relevant information. If your team already has a team portfolio, please send it along with your application.


This is the kind of video we'd feature you on (on top of any other video you'd qualify or ask to be part of) :

This is the kind of action edit we're talking about for our Level 3 sponsored teams:


To apply, send us an email with your team or player portfolio to:

Note: We will only consider sponsorship applications from teams playing at least one event in the following leagues: NXL, Millenium Series, CXBL, OPL, MIPL.