Facefull x PineappleProds


2016 has been a very promising season for PineappleProds until now. The whole Pineapple crew has been working relentlessly all year long, slowly climbing up the ladder in the paintball industry and slowly growing the brand and the community around it. This said, no one reaches the top alone, and PineappleProds is no exception. In fact, a lot of the brand’s success is due to all its collaborations and partnerships with various brands and leagues around the world. 


Amongst the partnerships and collaborations that we have in the industry, one really made a big (and positive) difference this year, allowing PineappleProds to play with the big guys in Europe more often than ever before. Through this partnership, PineappleProds has managed to become one of the few Media Partners of the Millenium Series, and to attend many other events (such as the famous Moscow Cup in Russia), to shoot many videos with Pro (and non-pro) teams that only few got to shoot with (Think of Russian Legion, Toulouse Tonton, Frankfurt Syndicate, Team France) and worked deals with up and coming european brands, such as DROM, X-Field Paintball and many more.


This partnership is the one with Facefull Paintball. The iconic magazine has been part of the paintball culture for decades, and keeps playing its part in the sport. With writers and translators from all around the world, and strong deals with big players in the game, they’re here to stay, and to keep things moving.


This is a brand that we strongly believe in, and with whom we’ve decided to work closely with. We’ve been talking with them and exchanging thoughts for almost 2 years now, helping them with video production, social networks, translations and more whenever needed. Quickly, the relationship grew to something very strong. As a matter of fact, it has become such a strong relationship that the PineappleProds crew has been sharing apartments/hotel rooms with the Facefull crew at every Millenium event this season.

This brings us to this collaboration. Facefull has witnessed the whole creation process of our clothing line, and have helped a lot to promote it in Europe, and it inspired them to create pieces of their own, directly in Europe, in a style that would be theirs. 


We’re very proud to have contributed to the existence of a Facefull clothing line, and so even if our logo is nowhere to be seen on the clothing line, we’re very proud to have these pieces on our store, and to have a Facefull tab on our homepage.


Here are a few pics of some of the pieces:


Click on the Facefull Collab tab to see the full collection.