About the Pineapple Shop


Embrace the lifestyle

PineappleProds is, over everything, a lifestyle brand. Unlike most of the brands in the world that care mainly about profits, PineappleProds thrives solely on making Competitive Paintball something huge. Even bigger than it used to be a few years ago. And to do so, we believe it is more than crucial for players to have clothing to wear outside of the field, at school, at the gym, on a night out or anywhere else. Having this happen at scale means thousands of conversations about the sport will happen in day-to-day situations, and thus will bring more awareness to the masses about the sport. From there, it becomes way easier to approach the idea of trying paintball to your friends, coworkers, family or anyone else.

Get noticed

PineappleProds started out as a photography brand, when it was still run by its founder, Elias Touil. By now, his brother Camil took over, and started steering Pineapple towards videography. Since then, the brand has been doing better than ever. In 2016, PineappleProds thus decided to go all in and to  cover ALL the NXL, and MIPL events, on top of already covering all CXBL, Millenium events and attending random events and big games here and there during the season. The brand will be keeping up with its renown event videos, and will be featuring any player wearing Pineapple clothing on or off the field in its event video. This is a chance for the brand to thank all its fans and customers, and to thank them for the support they've shown.